The concept of it all



Quite simply, and selfishly, we want to take the lead in how Vietnam and Cambodia are perceived from a tourism perspective.  Our Vietnam company was founded back in 1996 and our Cambodia entity three years later in 1999.   And yet, since those times there is very little enticing footage of these destinations available for the tourism industry; whether it is promotions at a trade fair, media advertising, tourism board activities or simply public available material that ‘makes you want to go there’.

Any insider, a resident, a member of the travel industry in Vietnam and Cambodia knows of their intricate delights and cultural power.  It has enraptured us since we started.  Could there really be any place on this earth that is more monumental and mystical than the temples of Angkor?  Where in Asia today can you find floating river markets that are for the people and not the tourists?  Where is a coastline so untouched and underdeveloped, and yet sweeping and dramatic as Cambodia and Vietnam’s?  Where are there three World Heritage listed sites within a short drive of each other?  And where are there rice terraces and valleys so sublime, so unscathed from modernity outside of Vietnam’s far north?  Not difficult questions to answer really.  And yet, how can the armchair traveller gain an understanding of these wondrous places without rich visual media materials showcasing them in their splendour?  Ah yes … this is where Destination Asia comes in.  

But we don’t do anything in halves at Destination Asia.  Internally, we had talked about creating our promotional video captures of these destinations for quite some years.  It would have been relatively easy to do.  Just hire a small film crew, send them off to the ‘tourist spots’ and bingo…some video footage.   Not quite our style.   And then along came the drone.  Now cursed for all entirety as a piece of equipment synonymous with, well…we all know what.   But its capabilities, its versatility and its availability as a visual control centre for photography and videography was all too attractive to dismiss.   I dare say there will be a time, in our recent future, where drone photography will be ‘blasé’ or possibly normal, and its uses as a media tool are already starting to be explored in some countries.   However, to photograph and video Vietnam and Cambodia from this perspective – a new perspective – is most certainly a first of its kind and we wanted to lead the way.



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